As a leader in the healthcare and pharma industry, your organization is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver better patient outcomes. At EPI, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing your industry, and we have a range of solutions to help you meet them head-on.

Some key processes and challenges in the healthcare and pharma industry include:
  • Sales Team Automation: Managing the complex and time-consuming process of managing sales teams, including lead management, lead conversion, doctor appointments, sales reports, visit planning, samples, promo kits and post sales support.
  • Supply Chain Management: Ensuring the efficient and secure distribution of pharmaceutical products, while also managing costs and complying with regulations.
  • Patient Engagement: Engaging and communicating with patients to improve adherence to treatment plans and overall health outcomes.
  • Data Management: Managing and analyzing large volumes of data to inform decision-making and improve patient care.
  • Managing Healthcare Professionals: Engaging and connecting the accurate healthcare professionals to the medical trusts and organizations
To address these challenges and more, our solutions include:
  • Sales Team Automation Software: Our software streamlines the sales team management process, including lead management, lead conversion, doctor appointments, sales reports, visit planning, samples, promo kits and post sales support to help you increase efficiency and drive sales.
  • Supply Chain Optimization Tools: Our tools use advanced analytics to optimize the distribution of pharmaceutical products, reducing costs and ensuring compliance.
  • Patient Engagement Platforms: Our patient engagement platforms offer a range of tools to help you communicate with patients, including appointment scheduling, medication reminders, and educational resources.
  • Data Management and Analytics Solutions: Our data management and analytics solutions help you extract insights from large volumes of data, informing decision-making and improving patient care.
  • Managing Healthcare Professionals: Automate the recruitment process to find a suitable candidate; automation to map the right candidates to appropriate requirements through various job networks.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization navigate the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare and pharma industry.

Use Cases
Use Case 1
About the Company: The UK's leading multidisciplinary healthcare recruiter. Having collaboration with over 90% of NHS trusts, in addition to private medical organizations.
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Use Case 2
About the Company: US based organization providing resiliency training to First Responders who are typically subject to PTSD disorders as they encounter stressful situations.
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