Startups, after the initial period, come across number of challenges :

The breadth of expertise, ability to scale up, financial and cash issues, delivery, compliance, processes and many more. Given an opportunity and appropriate support in bridging these gaps, helping the persist they are very likely to succeed.

Extrapreneurs with its key team members and established business and the depth of expertise can step in to play an involved and supportive mode to make a difference.


ChooseDoctor, a B-C Startup


A couple of medical professionals had identified that there was an unmet demand for aggregating and providing quality and affordable healthcare to patients in Mumbai. The idea was intuitive and had merit. Upon implementation of the proof of concept, it was apparent that the idea had immense potential for scale – both from a geography spread across India and also the type of medical services and procedures. With the right direction, this idea could be shaped as a digital and technology Healthcare aggregation platform serving patients across India. The founding team also needed to expand from the core medical and healthcare skillsets to include technology and digital marketing skillsets. This is where Extrapreneurs India came in and joined as an investor and Co-Founder.


Today, ChooseDoctor enlists doctors / clinics / hospitals / diagnostic centres on the basis of the qualifications, skill and experience of the doctors and technicians as well as the type of equipment they use and accreditation they have. We publish the best prices our partners can offer, transparently. Our goal is to bridge the information asymmetry gap in healthcare across India. The partners, we have chosen, have a bent of mind similar to ours - that of providing quality and affordable medical services.


With Extrapreneurs involvement and investment, ChooseDoctor has quickly moved into the next league. Extrapreneurs owns the platform roadmap and technology and also contributes in the overall strategy and marketing and sales direction of the organization.


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